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Autoloader & Autofeeder

MPS Biscuit Auto-feeding line with Auto loader, Automatic Stacker and Wrapping machines (primary and Secondary)

Schematic Drawing - Dry Biscuits line:

Stacker with Auto lane alignment system - Single & Split type options with quick changeover facility for multiple product handling.

Auto loader - Single & split type optionsSingle or Fixed type Autoloader designed with Fixed Pitch type to handle a single Product variety.

Split or Adjustable type Autoloaderto handle multiple pre-defined Product varieties with minimum change parts and adjustments at minimum change over times.

Lane diverter, Metering & Spacer Conveyor system

HFW machine with Multilane Autofeeder - HFW machines as per pack style requirement (Pile pack / Slug pack / Jumbo pack). Combo machines for Pillow pack / Jumbo pack selection to meet varying demand at very minimum investment

Secondary Wrapping Solutions - Both automatic & semi automatic options for over wrapping, bagging, etc.

Layout 3

  • Secondary wrapping solutions
  • Integrated buffer systems to address minor m/c. stoppages (Optional)
  • And more.... (as per customer's need)

Multipack offers highly reliable & flexible system to gently auto load biscuits coming from the Oven to flow wrappers.

  • Efficient systems with latest technology & optimized operational cost at very reasonable investment
  • High flexibility for up-gradation/expansion to meet future demand
  • Option of standard & economical system construction
  • Dedicated (Fixed) / flexible systems as per customer need
  • High flexibility to run wide variety of Products in flexible systems in terms of the following:
  • Different biscuit shapes (i.e., round, rectangle & square)
  • Different stack lengths ranging from 60 mm to 240 mm
  • Star wheel stacker eliminates the problem of flat biscuits even when 2 or 3 biscuits are missing in the lanes.
  • Flexibility to change the number of lanes delivering biscuits to various auto feeders.
  • Lane bypassing facility
  • Bypass facility for continuity of production even if one packaging machine is down for short time.
  • Flexible packing machine with on the fly line changeover to address if any upstream online machine is down
  • Easy adaptability to any flow wrap machines
  • Tailor made designs to match with layout flexibility
  • Self adjustment of deposition cycle with respect to machine speed and active arrival lanes i.e., any lane can be bypassed or stopped for required time.
  • Facility to feed recycled biscuits retrieved from defective packs, even when the machine is running in completely automatic mode
  • Completely servo-driven
  • Powerful touch screen HMI
  • Easy parameters setting and trouble shooting
  • On the fly adjustment of Stack lengths
  • Possibility to transfer data on Ethernet
  • Improves hygiene in the plant
  • Reduces wastage's and improves Production
  • Product handling with better hygiene than conventional method
  • Ensures more up-time of the machines and systems as a result of scientific, systematic & data based approach
  • The line efficiency will be increased by 10 to 15% when compared with a line with all manual machines
  • Less dependency on semi skilled manning leading to less troubles
  • More than 50 to 70% saving in man power: Investment pay back in less than 3 years
  • Benefits in usage of less number of machines (from 30 to 50%) compared to manual handled m/cs since high speed machines of higher end are used
  • Auto feeding system filters the whole process of biscuit production by eliminating wrong practices & short cuts.
  • Comfort of the support of a capable ally in service, spares & support, upgrading / expanding the system, etc.

MPS has supplied more than 150 Customized Multilane Auto feeders for on-line feeding.

  • Also supplied first integrated Auto Feeding system in 2004.
  • Till date, 45 Auto Feeding Systems are supplied & installed.
  • A record of 14 successful installations in a period of 18 months during 2009-2010.
  • Experience in undertaking Projects of on-site expansion, up-gradation & reconstruction of the supplied systems.