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Cream Sandwich

MPS Cream Sandwiching Line

  • MPS Creamers
  • MPS Slug forming & loading equipment
  • MPS Lane Multiplier
  • MPS Pile Creation System

MPS Creamers

MPS Cream Sandwiching machine is capable of producing biscuits (Round, Rectangle, Square etc) cream sandwiches at 600/700 sandwiches/minute/lane.

New Models

  • Single Lane Cream Sandwiching Machine
  • 2 Lane Cream Sandwiching Machine
  • 4 Lane Cream Sandwiching Machine
  • 6 Lane Cream Sandwiching Machine

  • Design to maintain hygienic condition and easy sanitation.
  • Speed up to 600/700 sandwiches/minute/lane
  • Can handle any shapes: round, rectangle, square etc.
  • Easy adjustment of cream cut off wire, transport wire, cream deposition on shell & cream balancing knob
  • All parts directly coming in contact with product are from Stainless steel or food grade plastic
  • Waukesha Cherry Burrell, USA pumps for accurate cream deposition
  • Easily accessible sturdy step down gravity magazines with compact missing shell sensor arrangement
  • Individual automatic carrier chain tensioning (Fanner make tensioner)
  • Automatic gravity feed lubrication system
  • Automatic high air pressure lug cleaning arrangement (Silvent, Switzerland make nozzle)
  • Transparent poly carbonate guards with interlocks
  • Special tray arrangement above & below the carrier chains on return path
  • Compact cream hopper unit
  • Vibratory feeding arrangement (FMC, USA make vibrators)
  • Vibrators are perpendicular to packing table for manual loading of shells
  • Touch screen color display
  • Separate AC motor for Agitator, Augur & Pumps
  • Additional cream supply unit for faster change over
  • Jacketed hopper & piping
  • Double Cream Deposition
  • Jam Deposition
  • Ergonomic vibratory feeding arrangement cascaded with creamer speed (Feeding magazines parallel to packing table)
  • Automatic motorized lubrication system
  • SS316 hopper & Piping
  • One pump, One lane cream supply arrangement
  • Automatic rejection mechanism
  • Panel with AC
  • Automatic cream feeding unit from cream bowl to hopper bowl