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Mini Wrap

High speed flow wrap solution for packing biscuits in single or double piles at speeds up to 400ppm. Various automatic or semi automatic feeding systems options available.

We have different model covering entire range for packaging biscuits in Single or Multiple pile. Various feeding operation as given below are as under

  • Gravity fed magazine
  • Vibratory feeding magazine
  • Magazine with belt
  • Longer infeed with two magazine on each side of packing conveyor
  • Magazine with cross pusher for fragile & slender crackers


  • Right-Left/Left-Right
  • Standard/Stainless Steel
  • Mechanical/Servo

  • Constructed for reliable operation in tough plant conditions
  • Separate Panel for all around machine easy accessibility
  • All ball bearings lubricated & sealed for life-time use
  • Special design fin seal compartment with 3-fin roller/wheel unit (1 cold, 2 heated )
  • Special jaw profile for high integrity sealing
  • Temperature control of sealing units through PLC
  • Auto roller/wheel opening and closing
  • Dwell adjustment in running condition
  • Food contact parts from stainless steel and food grade plastics
  • Transparent jaw guards with safety interlock
  • System to stop machine in open jaw condition
  • User-friendly HMI with process diagnostics
  • Adjustable height
  • 24 x 7 x 365 telephone support availability
  • “Rapid response” onsite production support availability
  • Training In-plant/Off-site availability
  • Two-way print mark registration and control
  • Positive wrapper feed drive
  • Registered auto splicing
  • Auto web alignment
  • Air extraction
  • Air jet / mechanical gusseting
  • Zig-zag knife
  • End folding device
  • Counting, auto collation & separation at outfeed
  • Extended infeed and outfeed conveyors
  • Auto rejection of joint and empty packs
  • No product – No bag
  • Stainless steel guards and covers
  • Full CE mark
  • Touch screen HMI
  • Remote process diagnostics (direct connectivity)
  • Extended in-plant “live production” support
  • Preventive maintenance contract

The data given below is covering two typical model for other models inquiry please contact us.


Standard High-Speed
Max output 250 packs per min 400 packs per min
Product Width 30mm – 70mm 30mm – 70mm
Product Height 10mm – 40mm 10mm – 30mm
Product Length 45mm – 150mm 35mm – 70mm
Product width + height <125mm <125mm
Wrapper cutoff length 85mm – 200mm 130mm – 205mm
Max reel width 280mm 280mm
Max reel diameter 340mm 340mm
Power 4KW 6KW
Input voltage 415/380V, 50/60Hz 415/380V, 50/60Hz
Machine size L 5.5m x W 1.8m x H 1.9m L 5.5m x W 2.1m x H 1.9m
Weight 1800Kg 2000Kg

The data above is a general guideline. Actual production speed will depend upon product size and characteristics, proficiency of feeding, and wrapper characteristics. The production speed will also be lower than mechanical speed stated above if one or more factors are close to the range limits.