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Quality @ Omori India

Quality Assurance at Omori India is about continuously striving toward excellence in every activity we perform so that we consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. Here are the key aspects of our approach:


We believe that a complete and deep understanding of our customers’ needs is critical in ensuring that what we design, build, and install in fact enables our customers to realize their packaging and production objectives. Where possible, we will try to schedule a visit to our customers’ plants and have a discussion with their manufacturing and engineering teams early in the relationship. Thereafter, cross-functional review and analysis at the start of every project ensures that marketing, design, manufacturing, and service are aligned in their understanding of the customer’s requirements.


Our design engineering initiatives are customer-driven and involve a collaborative approach that brings together our design, service, manufacturing, and marketing functions as well as our vendors. Such an approach results in not only a faster development cycle in addition to efficiency and productivity benefits for us, but also, more importantly, development of solutions that effectively address our customers’ problems.


While we rigorously enforce and continue to develop our quality control standards, we believe that even the best quality control processes and procedures cannot assure quality over the long run. Only by investing in building long term partnerships with our vendors – who we treat as an integral part of our enterprise – can we achieve the highest standards of quality for our customers on a consistent basis.


Installation of our systems is only the starting point of our commitment to ensuring the success of our customers’ production efforts. Support begins at the point of installation, with our team adhering to an acceptance protocol defined jointly with the customer, but our commitment to the success of our customer’s production and packaging objectives remains solid across the life-cycle of our products and beyond. Once an issue is identified, cross-functional review and root cause analysis becomes an important mechanism to drive our continuous quality initiative.


Having learned from our customers that the human factor plays a critical role in realizing the full potential of plant investment, we offer intensive training programs at our dedicated training center, or at our customers’ plant locations, for supervisors, operators and maintenance crew. Programs can be customized to meet our customers’ requirements and training is available at any time during the life cycle of the solutions we have installed.

For our customers, our Quality Assurance approach translates to:

  • Quality packaging
  • Productivity
  • Efficiency
  • Long term reliability
  • Rapid response
  • Proactive support